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Leasing Services

The Leasing Team at Evergreen Property Management Inc. consists of trained associates and brokers that can analyze the market, provide rent comparisons, and ensure that your property is pre-leased with minimal vacancy. Through consistent communication and teamwork, our team ensures that we stay competitive in the rental market and consistently maintain an above average leased rate.


Lease management

All leases are timed to come due in the summer months as this is peak rental season. Timing our leases in the summer allows us to charge more competitive rents while also ensuring less vacancy between tenants. 


new laws and regulations

We ensure that all leases are in compliance with current laws and regulations, both federally and locally. All leases and renewals are adjusted to reflect any applicable changes.

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Preleasing season

Our pre-leasing season starts in January for all leases that end in May/June/July. We reach out to our tenants 5 months before their lease end date. Using this process, we are typically over 70% pre-leased by the end of April on any given year.

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